The industry-leading experts at top architecture firm Heery International are widely recognized for their sustainable design and construction practices, so when their client wanted to reduce the intensity of sunlight in an entrance lobby at a certain time of the year, Heery committed themselves to solving the problem with a sustainable, aesthetically pleasing solution.

Two of the options they were considering had high up-front costs and the lowest-cost solution had the potential for expensive mechanical repairs. It also didn’t blend in with the building’s design…

The third option was NGS Films and Graphics.

Find out how NGS Films and Graphics was the right solution for Heery International with:

  • Tailored suggestions and samples
  • After-hours installation
  • Additional savings for the building’s operating costs


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"So many new kinds and styles of window film are coming out all the time that wading through them would have taken time. NGS took care of the initial suggestions, the mockups, the installation... The were easy to work with and I would definitely use them again."

-Brian D. Kornasiewicz, Senior Project Architect at Heery International.

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