While remodeling their Atlanta headquarters, Cox Enterprises discovered a problem. Though their off-the-shelf window film solution perfectly matched their spandrel glass, the film’s pattern made employees dizzy.

NGS Films and Graphics was called in to create a unique solution for Cox’s needs, which led to an installation of 60,000 ft2 of one-of-a-kind film and graphics that required a massive amount of coordination.

Find out how NGS managed constantly shifting deadlines and pulled off another successful project with:

  • Unbeatable commitment to customer service and satisfaction
  • The ability to create unique customized film
  • Scalability to work around client and contractor schedules

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"NGS has built a reputation of being flexible for our clients and committing to their deadlines. It's why we're known for seamless project management."

-James Beale, Managing Partner | NGS Films and Graphics

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