Horizon Retail Construction specializes in high-traffic areas, specifically focusing on the art of grabbing foot-traffic attention. When they needed to maximize the curb appeal for an all-white display case at an airport, Horizon knew exactly who to contact for the best graphics and service.

NGS Films and Graphics took the boring white case and not only turned it into an eye-catching display, they also helped leverage it as a perfect branding opportunity with customized graphics.

Find out how NGS helped a well-known airport retailer get more attention with:

  • A customized, one-of-a-kind solution
  • Lightning-fast installation
  • Unbeatable, responsive service

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"Everything NGS does is good, with no problems ever. They're quick and I know I can count on them to get things done right."

-Jake Basten, Senior Project Manager | Horizon Retail Construction

866 925 2083 | info@filmsandgraphics.com
981 Joseph E Lowery Blvd NW | Suite 106 | Atlanta, GA 30318