A hot spot in a sunny corridor in the Jackson, Mississippi VA Hospital forced the building’s chillers to work around the clock to keep up – but, unfortunately, that meant that patients found themselves freezing in their rooms.

The VA Hospital needed an energy-efficient window film that could optimize their cooling costs quickly, yet they knew that any solution they chose had to both block heat and maintain light.

Find out which unique film NGS suggested for the VA Hospital’s highly specific needs, and discover how you can use a similar solution to:

  • Block heat and maintain light
  • Reduce your cooling load
  • Save big on both short-and long-term energy costs

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"NGS assisted with measurement and verification procedures, and we found that the film reduced glass temperature by as much as 20 degrees. Norton's engineers were thrilled - they kept saying, 'This is amazing!'"

-James Beale, Managing Partner | NGS Films and Graphics

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